your mother-daughter wedding planning dream team

Meet Emma and Rebecca Targett


Sydney is our go-to-girl for getting things done and pulling off stunning events. With her background in entrepreneurship, she brings a hardworking attitude to each and every wedding (an added perk: her shocking level of strength, which we call upon regularly to move chairs and tables!).

Assistant Coordinator


Meet Lydia! Currently studying Interior Design at Eastern Michigan University, Lydia is jumping into her third event season with Meriwether Social. For as long as she can remember, she’s had a passion for turning beautiful visions into a reality. She loves to use her planning skills and eye for design to make each wedding day an unforgettable celebration.

Lead Coordinator


With a background in freelance design, community development, and corporate fundraising, Rebecca brings a love of creative, sophisticated style to the signature Meriwether planning process. Her communication and customer service skills are unmatched; she never fails to highlight each client individually, making sure they are truly taken care of from the very first phone call to the final moment of their wedding day. 



A graduate from the University of Michigan's Entrepreneurship Program, Emma's passion for leadership and to-do lists serves as a guiding force in planning every event. She got her start in the wedding world working as an in-house coordinator for local venues, allowing her to bring a unique perspective and understanding to the logistics behind a beautiful celebration. As a born-and-raised Ann Arborite, Emma is your ultimate guide for the best rehearsal dinner spots, photo locations, and populating that "what to do around town" section of your wedding website. 



What is Shoshimoonie?

Shoshimoonie -- Our Guiding Principle -- a word that goes back generations in our family meaning "cheers." Today, it translates into creating a story in celebration of all of life’s moments by bringing together family and loved ones.